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No Monthly Service Fee! * - No Hidden Charges! - No Quarterly Billing Statements!
Service is included with the purchase of our bags. Must call for pricing.
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Curbside Bag Service
Curbside Recycle Service
Dumpster Service
* No monthly fee, excludes Dumpster Services.
   Doering Disposal is locally owned & operated since 1997, providing Estes Park and surrounding area with a quality curbside bag service. Our years of experience has helped us provide a professional service to our valued customers that they have come to count on.
   In 2012, we began to offer our customers a recycle service that helps keep some recyclables out of the landfills. This allows recycling companies to recycle these items into useable material again. That in turn helps cut down on the waste of earths resources and provides more jobs.
Phone: 888.582.1898
Direct: 970-214-4902
Email: Info@doeringdisposal.com


     Are the birds destroying your trash bags?  Then it's time to get a trash can with a secured lid.  Make sure you check out the Wildlife Protection Ordinance.
If your road is not listed, please give us a call. Thank you.

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All Bags (Trash Cans) must be at roadside by 7am